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We enjoy years of experience in making professional optical pad arms and nose pads. People here highly value an attic faith of providing products of quality. It is our steadfast position that all raw materials and finishing-consumed stuff be imported from abroad: Brush beryllium copper, nickel brass, and plastic grains from the US; electropositive metals from Switzerland; OSG drillers and TSUNE ultra-atomic tungsten steel saw blades from Japan; molding boards and tooling also from a famous listed precision mold maker in Taiwan. The reason why we spare no cost is that we are determined to provide customers with products of quality. We are deeply convinced that our nose pads and pad arms can stand strict quality tests.
How to select nose pads and pad arms of quality with regard to the fact that nowadays, good products are mixed with inferior ones on the market of optical fittings? For your confidence and our credit, a series of test specifications and ways are provided below for your kind reference.